Hillsborough County Construction, Tree Removal, and Permit Application Information

> Unlicensed Construction Activity - Code Compliance Information
> Residential Shed Checklist Requirements
> Residential Pool/Screen Enclosure & Glass Room Addition Checklist
> Tree Removal Permit Application
> Mosquito Control
> Additional Information...Links to Hillsborough County Webpages
. . . .Grand Oak Definition and Regulations
. . . .Trees That Do Not Require A Permit to Remove
. . . .Request Fallen Tree Removal
. . . .Request Median Maintenance and Tree Trimming
. . . .Hillsborough County Permits Page

Unlicensed Construction Activity - Brochure...click here for brochure

Residential Shed Checklist...click here for brochure

Residential Pool/Screen Enclosure & Glass Room Addtion Checklist...click here for brochure

Tree Removal Permit Application...click here for brochure

Mosquito Control - Brochure...click here for brochure

Additional Information and Links to Hillsborough County Website

Grand Oak Definition and Regulations.click here for webpage

Trees That Do Not Require A Permit To Remove.click here for webpage

Request (Fallen) Tree Removal.click here for webpage

Request Median Maintenance & Tree Trimming.click here for webpage

Hillsborough County Permits Webpage.click here for webpage