Minutes for October 12, 2005 Special Board Meeting

The special board meeting was held at the Aberdeen Creek Circle common area and called to order at 7:08 PM by President Rob Fisher.

Four board members were present: Rob Fisher President, Karen Knowles Vice President, Clifford Reiss Secretary, Richard Cochran At-Large Representative. A quorum of the Board was present.

President Rob Fisher advised that the Association lawyer has provided documentation - "Certificate of Amendment" - required to amend the CC&Rs to address two community concerns:

Rob Fisher will confirm with the lawyer that only one signature from an Owner of each lot is required consistent with the Association voting requirements, and if notarization by a law enforcement officer is sufficient. Law enforcement officers can notarize documents but they do not have notary "stamps" or "raised seal" embossing devices.

The Certificates of Amendment require both a witness and a notary. The Certificates of Amendment will be available for signature at the next board meeting on October 20, and the Board will try to have a notary present. If necessary, we can also leave documents at the Bank of America branch the bank will have a notary on staff and Owners can stop at the branch to sign the documents.

Rob Fisher will send an email to the community advising that we need 34 Owners (thats 2/3 of the 50 Owners) to approve the amendments and where the documents will be available to be signed.

The Board thanked Tom Martinez for his fine reading of the lawyers letter and attachments.

The special board meeting was adjourned at 7:25PM on a motion offered by Richard Cochran and seconded by Karen Knowles, unanimously approved.